The Surreal Feminist Comedy Act

Confronted with the headlines these days, you’d be led to think that sexual harassment and objectification of women rank among the greatest challenges facing our civilisation today. But, seriously? I’d like to contribute a bit of a skeptical angle to all this news-worthy clamour.

As anyone with an ounce of sense can easily understand, the only women who stand a chance to be the at the receiving end of any such talked-about sexual harassment and objectification are the very few who happen to be young and sexy.

How few? Well, in the rich West, I would argue as few as one percent or less of the female population. In other cultures the figure may look more favourable, but as far as the first world is concerned, the state of health and fitness among the general public is so dismal that if the average woman is expected to turn heads, it’ll most likely be the other way.

It makes then for some surreal spectacle to behold our clamouring feminists raise all hell about harassment and objectification – which, like I said, only concern a privileged one percent or so – as though they were thus labouring for the progress of the whole feminine gender, who are in fact wallowing daily in very different and much more mundane issues.

Young and sexy is almost a gender apart altogether, one that has very little in common with ordinary womankind. To be a young woman in her prime, endowed with natural graces, is an indisputable privilege in terms of job prospects, partner choice, and public regard at large.

It looks so ironic, if not comedic, that someone should take the trouble to further prop up the already vastly privileged one percent. But, it seems, that’s how the world goes round these days.

You look a little bit closer, and you can see clearly that, as ever with privilege, the privileged ones care a lot more about holding on to their assets, and making the most of them, than about any such intangible notions as objectification, or like prattle. Life is a much more down-to-earth affair than many self-appointed saviours-of-the-world would like to admit.

But then, what do feminists really want? Are they really just that retarded?

Well, in a way – yes. But, to get the full picture, you need to take a good look at the lot, and the answer shall flash right in your face.

Sure enough, they aren’t in the one percent (unless we are talking about the bottom one), and sure enough, they radiate an unmistakable and off-putting vibe of hatred and resentment. If you are a man, you don’t want any of them around. Which brings us to the point.

Feminists hate being denied by nature (or nurture) the privileges they see in the top one percent, and vent their anger accordingly. Hence they lash out against all naturally attractive feminine traits, and against the perfectly natural desire those traits arouse in men. ‘Objectification’ to them really means: “if I can’t have it, then no one else will.”

By seeking to overthrow the traditional, and natural, role that feminine beauty plays in our society, they strive to attain their goal of replacing it with their supposedly superior, and empowering ‘intellectual’ act. Brains instead of curves is their narrative.

The truth is very different though. No woman who is really worthy and capable is ever discriminated against today, whereas I always struggle to find any real intellectual substance in anybody whose main life purpose seems to be shouting out loud hollow and hateful slogans.

The world feminists envision is one peopled with eunuchs for men and ugly fucks like themselves for women, a world where any embarrassing hot females are kept duly covered up, and possibly somehow gotten rid of. That’s the fundamental, hidden tenet at the root of the feminist rhetoric. And when I see a man talking the feminist crap, I see one of those eunuchs in the making.

The lack of solid moral ground in our modern Western society is so appalling that this feminist nonsense is actually taken seriously, and is going mainstream, in spite of its evident comedic angle. It also threatens to spread around the globe, along with so much other drivel and bullshit originating in the West.

This is one more reason why I believe it so crucial that cultural diversity be preserved across the globe – in order that any nasty cultural epidemics can still be contained, and don’t become outright pandemics.

It is always such a laugh to contemplate a horrified Western feminist meet with the placid, contented stance of a woman from a different culture, when she’s confronting her on her presumed lack of fundamental rights. That’s when you see our Western cultural brainwash at its most plain and obvious. These idiots (the feminists) think they are the pinnacle of human civilisation, and don’t see that they simply occupy a fairly small, fairly rotten niche in the vast tapestry of human cultures.

If there’s one truth, it is that no one holds the truth. No one. Accordingly, no one should go around thinking they have some divine right to impose their truth on others.



  1. I have never seen such an ignorant piece of writing; you have you obviously not stepped foot in a third-world country (such as the one I live in) to essentially claim that machismo culture is not a reality in today’s world. There are not enough responses I can generate against whatever essay this is in order to prove you wrong in most of your arguements. Thank you, however, your opinion “No woman who is really worthy and capable is ever discriminated against today, whereas I always struggle to find any real intellectual substance in anybody whose main life purpose seems to be shouting out loud hollow and hateful slogans,” has motivated me even more to keep fighting against true non-inclusive hatred.


  2. Obviously you are a white male who has never tasted discrimination of any kind. Maybe your next life you will be born black or female or Hispanic or whatever and it will give you some insights. It would be easy to list cases of sexual harassment and discrimination where youth and /or beauty were not involved but it would be pointless. Your mind is set and a reality check is useless. I like the way you write but would love for you to try (as the Native Americans say) walking a mile in our shoes.


    1. My mind isn’t really set, and I’m always open to learn. But right now I’m angry at what I see as the insufferable entitlement of many of us in the first world who just don’t get it how privileged they really are.


  3. I agree that we are privileged and most don’t appreciate it. I lived in Panama for three years when it was still a third world country and I would like to send everyone who complains to live in a country like that for at least a year.

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