Cultural Disease with a Hashtag

By David Spear


Far from being the sensible man I long to be, and only concern myself with what makes sense, or can somehow be helped, I’m again falling prey to the insane delusion that it is somehow my duty to instil some of its lost sense in this senseless world.

Which is why I’m now adding to a subject I’ve dealt with before, concerning some recent popular, and insane, trend – the MeToo fad.

First of all I want to point out that the world shall never come to its senses, never mind what I, or anybody else, might say. We are on downward spiral that just won’t be stopped – all the while as boundless swathes of idiots band up in unison to call it progress.

Much as we treasure our freedom, there still is a dark side to it, that becomes apparent when we observe everyone shouting out loud their view on everything under the sun, regardless of knowledge or competence – let alone good faith, in a cacophony of conflicting voices that only preludes to our society’s final doom.

More to the point, I believe it an unmistakable sign of the decadence of a society when preposterous shit like this late MeToo drivel is taken seriously, and when careers are wrecked and lives destroyed on the basis of fickle claims coming from any random bunch of blabbing females.

Unlike said blabbing MeTooers, women with any substance to their lives only ever talk about the positive interests that they have, and only ever contribute in a constructive way to the world, rather than add to the noise and confusion.

I have found this to be true without exception.

But not everyone has a life. Nowadays, failing everything else, a female has still options. She can always jump on the MeToo bandwagon and hope for the best.

Today, she can fabricate outlandish claims from some insignificant episodes in her past, and expect to be taken seriously. Which means she still has a way to draw attention to her otherwise useless self, and hopefully also milk for compensation some big cat or other, along the way.

What would still sound like fiction, or rather – comedy, outside of the US, is today a dreary reality in the Land of Freedom.

MeTooers are the true foes doing their own gender in, not men.

Of course, we cannot expect everyone to have a meaningful life, and make a real difference in the world. We ought though, at least, to stop paying attention to those pestering losers, that desperately seek centre stage over fictional issues.

We also need to be aware that as our society shifts towards its feminine element, as is clearly the case today, the public attention will shift accordingly towards light drama and emotion, rather than rationality. Not many seem to understand the scope of this subtle change that’s slowly creeping into our lives.

I’m not saying that rationality ever played a central role in our lives at any time in history, or trying to defend old-time societies that brought war and destruction upon us. Only saying that sense remains today as elusive as ever.

Our only tenuous hope of making it to the next century relies on the best minds among us being put in charge of tackling the many key issues facing mankind today. And then pay heed, and follow the heck through.

But what we are doing instead is the exact opposite. We are letting any random, insane and retarded mob pick up the moral reins of our society, and blissfully let us all slide to our doom, amid all sort of inane distractions and nonsense.

Luckily for me, I live in a country where such drivel is still widely received as it fully deserves, namely with a hearty laugh. There is hope, I want to believe, that some cultural diversity shall be spared across the world, by the advancing monster of globalisation.

But America is done for. America in on an unstoppable downward path, driven by that cancer of society that is feminism, political correctness, and like bullshit.

Feminists have succeeded in creating a society dominated by fear and mistrust, peopled with men that have been turned into spineless wimps, and where any blabbing loudmouth passes for an ’empowered woman’.

Anyone looking from the outside-in cannot help stare wide-eyed in disbelief, and hope that this ugly monster won’t ever make it across the border.

Meanwhile, I pay my due RIP to a once great nation.


  1. Every day I see lack of common sense. Every day.
    Even though I’ve learned to let go sometimes (so as not to kill myself too prematurely), I still insist on trying to teach people to think instead of just mindlessly jumping on whatever bandwagon. I know this sounds harsh, but it is what it is.

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      1. Oh, I also wanted to share this with you: The part of your post about people jumping on the bandwagon in hopes of gaining some money and fame made me think of that article that I saw yesterday. People don’t realize how these “trends” are just another profit cow for opportunistic people. That in reality, many don’t really care about the cause. They just want to make a name for themselves.

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      2. You said it. I’d seen that piece of news already, and found it totally hilarious, besides fully deserved for the conceited woman involved. What goes round comes round, they say.

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  2. On another rant? Some things really get under your skin, don’t they? I can sense the anger and frustration in your writing. Keep getting it out. You will feel better (I hope). Peace, Suzanne


  3. I agree. I have what I call (old fashioned term since I am 77) soap boxes that I rant on. I rant a lot about children and too much time spent with electronics. No communication face to face. I hate people in restaurants texting ???each other? I could go on.


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