Reverse Racism That Flies Under the Radar

By David Spear


If, like me, you are an avid follower of TED talks, you’ll probably know that the acronym stands for Technology, Environment, Design. All three topics are somehow within my range of interests – hence my enthusiasm for the format. Except, lately, I’ve been growing a bit impatient with the popular platform, due to a blatant political angle that’s growingly imbuing their choice of talks and speakers.

While it is plain to everyone that the uber-fag that curates the show makes no serious effort to conceal his political views, the thing in itself never quite bothered me, because I don’t care about politics, and simply look for the facts. But when these latter start to disappear altogether from the talks, and increasingly get replaced by annoying political propaganda – that’s when I start getting a bit pissed with them.

When I watch a talk I expect to learn something new on the topic that it is supposed to cover, not to hear some trite politically correct garbage that only wastes my time, and also manages to steam me up royally, if it is packed with commonplace, idiotic and not-so-subtle slights that fully qualify as reverse racism.

But don’t just take my word for it, and watch this talk instead – just the latest to anger me, and then judge for yourself. This was supposed to be a talk on the subject of architecture, but the eminent idiot who’s doing the talking only ever touches on anything pertaining that subject when hinting at the fact that architects ought to address the vital issue of the usually longer queues at women’s toilets. What we might ever so fittingly refer to as ‘talking crap.’

The thing he does quite liberally instead is gratuitously insult the whole of our cultural heritage in such trade, on account of the fact that it has historically mostly been represented by white males. What a moron! The minute we get more women architects, he says, and also more other-races architects, all that in his mind is wrong with the trade will magically disappear. He’s basically saying, not even too covertly, that all white male architects are rubbish.

Just imagine the uproar if he had said something remotely similar about women architects for example, or about any other sensitive categories – he would have easily seen an end to his career. Yet he can crack with total impunity all sort of tasteless jokes about white male architects, and no one cares.

Curiously, and in spite of their usually hypersensitive nature, the politically correct crowd seems to regard white male as fair game under any circumstance. Double standards like these never seem to trouble them.

Not surprisingly, after watching the talk I was in the mood for some vitriol.

This guy has a cunt for a mouth, and I mean – literally. Just watch him talk: doesn’t his mouth look like a hairy vagina? And in case you’re wondering – yes, I am insulting him on purpose, after he wantonly insulted me as a white male with a strong interest in architecture.

And I’d also like to say one thing or two to this mockery of an ‘architect.’

Listen up, my good man: since by all appearances you are yourself a white male, why not act consistently with your words and rid the trade of your undeniably useless contribution, thus leaving your place to some woman architect instead, who – I’m in no doubt – shall be much worthier than you? Did your feeble mind not consider the obvious implications of your own cheap propaganda?

But, in the end, this total idiot is just one among the many walking the path above described today. So, I ask, what is really going on here?

I’ll tell you what’s going on. For the sake of our discussion I shall distinguish between two kinds of public figures: those that sheepishly go with the flow, and those that don’t mind going against it if need be. Given the general frailty of human nature, it is only to be expected that the former largely outnumber the latter.

The universally acknowledged flow of our time is dictated by the politically correct narrative. Therefore, anyone with little to offer in the way of skill or knowledge is often inclined to simply take the way of least resistance, and pander to the popular favour by talking some cheap and useless politically correct garbage that never fails to attract a ready applause from a vast crowd of brainwashed individuals.

This explains why today so many are quick to jump on the politically correct bandwagon. It is more than just a fad – it is the easiest, and often only, way for them to earn a living, and also gain some popular favour along the way.

When, regardless of good faith, speakers publicly appear to stand by women, gays, and all ‘oppressed’ minorities of sundry varieties – and when, better still, they also go out of their way to insult and mock the white male ‘oppressors,’ then they know for a fact that they are guaranteed to be a success. Never mind the sowing of nasty long-term consequences of such stupid and cowardly behaviour for our society at large.


  1. “Then they know for a fact that they are guaranteed to be a success. Never mind the sowing of nasty long-term consequences of such stupid and cowardly behavior for our society at large.” Indeed.

    You point out exactly why I stopped watching these Ted Talks. They stopped being informative. They became yet another platform to “empower” those “wronged” by society.

    I opened the link to this talk you mentioned and I skipped around, but I could not watch for more than a few seconds here and there because of the things he was saying Just ridiculous. Ex.: Hospitals are not designed to be hotels for a reason…


  2. I was reading another bloggers post that said reverse-racism didn’t exist. Whilst they made some good points, I do think it can and does exist. In that sometimes when one group has been demonized, they go on to do the same to another. And of course there are double-standards too. For example if you are called ‘too white’ that is not considered racist but obviously and rightly if you call someone ‘too black’ it is racist. I would say both statements could be racist – I know most would disagree with reverse racism these days but I do think it exists. Sometimes it’s not reverse-racism it’s prejudice or ‘getting back at’ for being racially abused, but sometimes I believe it’s actual racism. I think anyone can be racially mistreated not just one group.


    1. Sure, but my grievance isn’t so much about the merit of the issue as it is about the all too common sheepish attitude of so many who simply follow the prevailing mood of the day daring not think differently. Ultimately it’s all about having the courage to do your own thinking, and to go against the flow when that’s required.


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