It’s the Final Countdown

It wouldn’t be like me to eschew a sensitive subject for fear of potentially upsetting anybody. Obviously. With that understanding laid right out, I shall now take on what is arguably one of the most controversial issues of our day – immigration.

Politically correct readers, and, generally, oversensitive types, are advised at this juncture to skip this piece of writing altogether, and get on with their lives blissfully ignorant of what is actually going on in the wider world. Save for being slapped in the face by reality at some point in the not too distant future.

As for me, what I see dreadfully lacking today is the ability, or willingness, on the part of anybody, of engaging in long-term thinking – of reading current trends and from them inferring rather natural consequences. My aim with this article is precisely that of addressing this notable vacuum, and portray a clear, realistic picture of what can be reasonably expected to happen in the decades to come.

I also need to warn my readers that this is going to be another of my majorly long articles, however much I may have tried to restrain myself. Therefore, anyone on a quick reading stroll may perhaps want to skip right ahead to the closing section, although I would recommend reflecting somewhat more deeply on a matter that, like it or not, is bound to redefine pretty soon the lives of us all.

My concerns will begin with the peculiar position of my own country, which is currently sleepwalking through a crisis that is gradually edging towards unbound catastrophe in more than just one way.

Although Italy, along with a handful of other countries, is on the frontline of the immigration problem, the rest of the continent is also neck-deep in the very same predicament, never mind most leading European politicians recklessly pretending nothing much is going on. In reality, the dark clouds overcasting our horizon aren’t just our problem – they are also a reliable telltale of the future awaiting the whole continent.

And, in case you were wondering, the rest of the first world shouldn’t feel too safe either. Epochal changes are under way that won’t be stopped.

At the same time, the way I feel towards the typical, mostly moronic, Italian phenotype, is one of such disillusioned disengagement that I’m often inclined to brush off those concerns as none of my business after all. Let ’em have it just like they deserve it, shall we say.

But now, without any further ado, let’s take a good dip into the murky waters of controversy.


Waves of doom

The crucial factors at play in the huge transformation taking place in my country – and in the West at large – all somehow relate to its quickly shifting demographics, number one among them being, like I said, the sweeping wave of immigration that has lately taken it by storm, and which is pretty much out of control by now.

It’s gotten out of control because of a lack of foresight on the part of those who could – and should – have properly checked the growing trend in years past, when immediate, unwavering dissuasive action could still have made a real difference (see the outstanding, if controversial, example of Australia).

It should also be pretty clear that the lack of such timely dissuasive action has had – and continues to have – a tremendous cost in terms of human lives lost at sea and elsewhere along the various deadly migrants’ routes, never mind that this outrageously obvious blunder on the part of our weak political class is hardly ever talked about.

Now it’s way too late for any conceivable measures, even the most audacious and controversial, to be of any substantial help. The third world is knocking on our door, and we are no longer in a position to shut that door, even if we wanted to. They will keep coming as long as the door stays open, and they will simply knock the door down if we attempt to shut it. Kind of historical Nemesis, if you will – when you cast a doleful eye on our not too distant colonial past.

Ironically, these migrants are willing to throw in the garbage their roots, their ties, and all the little possessions they have – let alone risk their lives – for the sake of a dream that’s pure illusion – for a future that may one day guarantee bread on the table, but will exact the heavy toll of a life of misery and alienation in a foreign land, and saddle them with a burden that won’t be redeemed for a number of generations.

Besides, we, in the rich world, know all too well that something is deeply wrong with the way we live, and that our very wealth is somehow at the root of our own peculiar predicament – but try explaining that to someone who’s wallowed in abject poverty all their life: how on earth are they ever going to listen to you? They’ll only ever think you’re kidding.

What these people are doing is simply enacting their perfectly natural aspiration for a better life, which, to the best of their knowledge, they expect to find among us. They simply know no better, so much so that they’re often willing to drag their families along through the horrors perpetrated by ruthless smugglers, for the sake of such delusional dream. But, dumb as it may seem to reason, what they’re doing is still fairly natural and predictable. It is our response that’s been completely subpar from the start.

The responsibility for the current scenario rests squarely on the shoulders of the inept and corrupt political class that has ruled Italy in these past decades, along with their no less (and probably more) inept European counterparts. Unfortunately, the dynamics of our domestic political scene are such that only a miracle could have averted this disaster: short-term political gain reigns supreme across the political spectrum, and invariably takes priority over long-term political vision, this latter being nowadays but a forgotten relic of a romantic past.

As politics goes, on matters of immigration, the universal political spectrum can be split, for our purposes, into three parts. There are those who understand what’s going on, but keep silent, or act hypocritical, for the sake of political gain; then there are those who also understand but do or say nothing for fear of being labelled xenophobes or worse (for it takes balls in this climate to speak out the truth), and then there are those others who are simply clueless – mostly the vast brainwashed masses, who are being played by a vile political class through their criminally misleading rhetoric.

Only a few remain, often derided and ostracised by mainstream politics, who dare admonish on what’s coming, and even those few are still far too timid – even too politically correct – to be able to deliver a punch adequate to the magnitude of the threat ahead.

Yet, if you scratch the surface just a little bit, it becomes clear that the real source of trouble undermining our advanced Western society – and the one that will ultimately obliterate it – does not so much come from the outside as much as it resides deep at its core – deep within its idealistic system of values.

Those values, mostly cosmetic, and also mostly concocted to atone for past historical misdeeds, act as a Trojan horse at the heart of the Old World, which will ultimately spell its own demise.

Such a system of values, besides smacking all over of hypocrisy and stupidity, is completely out of touch with the reality on the ground, and above all with the reality of human nature – this latter having historically always been found wanting when it comes to comparing to anything idealistic.

By living thus confined to our freakish, idealistic bubble, we are sweet-talking ourselves into our own doom, childishly concerning ourselves with a fantasy world that’s nothing more than a mere reflection of our own shortcomings, and of the idiosyncrasies of a fat, opulent society that really knows nothing whatever of the unforgiving hard toil experienced by the greater part of humanity – those vast, unbound swathes of humanity lying outside our tiny island of privilege, who are now determined to force their way in.

I should imagine we shall wake up sooner or later – hell, even the hardcore left-wingers among us eventually will, but just as with the Titanic, trying to change course in a panic won’t serve us. It’ll then be too late – way too late.


Sowing division

The liberal, progressive mind sees itself as the proud pinnacle of Western civilisation. Unfortunately, it also embodies the worst of its lazy, wishful, and self-deluded thinking. The popular appeal of the liberal cause is notoriously more reliant on feel-good, self-righteous, idealistic attitudes than it is on any actual rational argument.

To the liberal mind the fact that migrants are coming from areas of the world allegedly subject to war, famine or endemic poverty is itself reason enough to accept them with open arms, and largesse of means, with no need for any further inquiry as to the consequences of doing so.

Again, to the liberal mind, making ostentatious display of openness and tolerance towards races and cultures that are completely alien to ours, amounts to nothing more than dutiful compliance with their cherished liberal ideals – something very much akin to a liberal dogma. To act or think otherwise is considered by them little short of apostasy. Obvious contradictions in their attitude never seem to make it through their thick wall of ideology. No critical thought, for instance, is ever given to the fact that in many cases those alien cultures they are so eager to welcome happen to be glaringly backwards and antithetic to the very core of liberal principles.

No wonder we, in the advanced liberal countries, end up being the butt of jokes among those same incredulous migrants, who, upon finding out the privileged treatment they often receive, even before the locals in need, hasten to send word back to family, friends and what not. Hence the stampede that duly ensues to secure a ticket to Western fairyland.

Liberals cherish diversity and promiscuity of cultures. No doubt, they’re about to get plenty of it – and good luck with the unprecedented massive social experiment that this will entail. As for predicting the most likely outcome, we can only rely on the relevant experience thus far accrued – which, to date, doesn’t look encouraging.

Overall, it’s hard not to see trouble ahead, in the form of a coming clash of cultures, specially given the size of the demographics involved, and the ominously telling failure of all policies of integration so far anywhere attempted, which rather point towards increased criminality, and societal breakdown. It is also quite telling that migrants of different ethnicities do not mix, and often even clash. Multiculturalism only ever seem to work among intellectual elites, never among populations.

But it gets worse than that.

Obviously not the whole bulk of our society is buying into the liberal paradigmg. It’s a well established rule of thumb that at any given time the public will be roughly equally split between liberals and conservatives. This fact alone has dire consequences whenever any divisive issues arise, like in this case the really big one of immigration.

The obvious implication is that no less than a good half of our society will always bitterly begrudge any liberal policy of immigration that patently disregards their concerns on the matter – or worse still, slaps the done deed in their face and then calls them a bunch of racists for daring to raise a critical voice.

It’s fairly short-sighted, to say the least, for governments to adopt such divisive policies without first seeking wider support among the public. It is never a simple, practical matter of having the numbers in parliament to push legislation through, and it’s not even merely a matter of merit or demerit of the policies themselves. What is really at stake here is the future cohesion of our society. Think about that: do you really want to live in a country where at every turn of a corner you’ll be reminded of what stokes a bitter conflict under your very roof? Does that sound like a smart thing to do, whatever your political affiliation?

Short-sighted political manoeuvre is the obvious course of doom. Our liberal fellow citizens, with their trademark contempt for any opinions that do not conform to their orthodoxy, will be largely responsible for the catastrophe that’s about to befall us anywhere they succeed in getting their upper hand. However much some of them might think or act in good faith, they still belong for the most part the clueless section of society that I have outlined above, and there’s no greater danger beckoning right ahead than the one that’s born of sloppy judgement and lack of foresight.


Dying out

Shifting demographics is key to our troubles, like I said, in more than one way. The current unstoppable wave of immigration goes hand in hand with another fairly concerning trend in our society. Native Europeans are now among the less fertile populations in the world. Our current birth rate is simply dismal when compared to that of the developing world, namely of those who are now coming in droves to our shores.

Not only that. Native Western populations are also growing visibly older on account of their subpar birth rate, but also because of the availability of modern healthcare, which keeps adding years to the average lifespan – a fact that isn’t as good as it sounds.

In fact, modern healthcare is vastly overrated. We need to consider that those extra years of life are generally heavily assisted and growingly expensive, taking up a bigger and bigger chunk of the available healthcare resources (see the exploding healthcare budgets of most advanced nations). This is due to the fact that ‘healthcare’ mostly translates as ‘sick care’ at our latitudes, where little or no attention is given to prevention, and where the focus rests almost entirely on medical treatment – the results of which would appear to be little more than hooking patients on pills and treatment for life, often with considerable collateral damage.

Prevention is proving hard for us because our rich society promotes sickness almost by definition. One only needs to look around, in the streets, in the shops, in the public spaces, to realise how unfit and decrepit the native Western populations generally look, regardless of age. This is unprecedented in our history. Affluence comes at a price, and that price we are paying dearly through a sickly lifestyle geared towards a prevalent use the car, a killer diet rich in meat and sugar, a disappearing reliance on the physical body, and a widespread abuse of substances of various kinds, including medicines.

When it comes to lifestyle, Europeans have traditionally done no better than ape the Americans with some time lag. So, if you want to know what we’ll be like one or two decades from now look no further than across the pond. You’ll learn that the average European will eventually be as fat as a pig, as dumb as an ass, and as hooked on drugs and treatment as a junkie.

The question is therefore pertinent: how does a weak, ageing, infertile and chronically ill resident population compare to an incoming hardened, young, highly fertile one? Do I need to tell you? Can you maybe guess for yourself how this tale is going to end?

History goes round in cycles, but man never learns. First he fights to conquer toil and hunger, and then he declines and rots while sitting on his laurels. It’s been the same tale over and over again. Today, like it or not, we in the West are, by all appearances, in our declining stage, and there is probably nothing we can do about it – the declining slope is just too steep to contrast.

Look at it this way. The Western man today is being brought up like a spoilt brat, disgustingly pampered and cocooned, overfed from an early age with all sort of junk both in body and mind. He doesn’t know labour, endeavour or invention anymore, because he doesn’t need to. He’s mindlessly after base pleasures, instant gratification and unrestrained gluttony, and he has an inborn sense of entitlement that prompts him to expect everything without giving anything in return, also disregarding all collective concerns in favour of his own selfish ones. It would be very hard indeed to attempt to reverse course at this advanced stage of our cancerous disease. We may have been at the cutting edge of civilisation in times past, but we are today only a pathetic mockery of our older selves.

As a result, our continent is likely to change colour – literally – over the next few decades, with the possible exception of a few patches of Central Europe that would appear to put up a bit more of a fight before giving in. At the same time, we are going to watch in disbelief our own attitude to the newcomers change from condescending and paternalistic to one of fright and dismay.

Make no mistake: unsavoury as it may sound to many of us today, self-defence will eventually kick in. It will happen when the magnitude of the threat finally becomes obvious to everyone – rather than just to a few mavericks. All our faddish and hypocritical fairy tales will then crumble down like the castles in the air that they really are, and our domestic policies shall accordingly take a dramatic turn. Sadly, to no avail, because it’ll then be too late.

Already today sharia law has been widely documented to take over the host country’s law among migrant communities of Islamic descent. When such migrants and their descendants outnumber us – which won’t take long at the current pace – sharia law shall simply become the law – for each and every one, like it or not.

I have to say, even a tragedy of such proportions shall then be a little price to pay for the privilege of watching our vocal feminists and liberals eventually realise their unpardonable mistake.

For the little consolation it can provide, I’ll also be an absolute treat to see all our rotten political correctness finally go down the tubes, where it duly belongs. Unfortunately, all the I-told-you-so’s in the world also will be of little consolation to the few ignored and disparaged Cassandra’s of today.

As a parting plead, if you believe I’m being too pessimistic, and taking my conjectures perhaps a bit too far, I’d like to ask you to perform a very simple task. Go find a globe and take a good look at the comparative size of the Old World to the rest of the globe. If you, like me, haven’t quite done so since childhood, you’ll be a trifle shocked to find out how tiny the European continent really looks on a global scale. Our common perception of our own world is overly inflated and fairly deceptive. It really wouldn’t take much for the rest of the world to take us over and even crush us, especially when you consider that their numbers have been growing steadily while ours have been dwindling. There are billions out there, between Chinese, Indians and Africans: who’s ever gonna hold them back? Our midget European nations that count in the range of tens of million, and are also quarrelling all the time?

True, we still hold the reins of the world’s economy, but that is changing quickly too.

Overall, it’s hard not to see a declining trajectory ahead for the white man – once the arbiter of the world, and the champion of civilisation. Changes are taking place that will make the world look very different, very soon. And if we are ultimately going to disappear, it’ll be squarely on account of our own complacency, lack of foresight, and unbelievable stupidity.


  1. Thank you for the warning. It WAS a lengthy piece, but I took a deep breath and plowed through it.

    This post surprised me a bit. It had less potential triggers than your usual pieces. Well written. I’m not sure if I would be able to hold back as much as I think you did. (Yea, the comparisons of Americans to pigs, etc. wasn’t nice, but you are generally correct)

    Actually, I do not think you were pessimistic enough. Yes, self preservation will kick in, but I believe for most of them it will be moments before death. Not sooner. Nearsightedness is no joke…


    1. Appreciate you read it all: I don’t think many more will. I also didn’t suspect you could hold views even more pessimistic than mine. I thought I was pretty much as extreme as it gets in that regard. And sure enough, I knew Americans wouldn’t like that bit, but couldn’t hold the punch. After all, no one emerges unscathed from this piece, not just Americans.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Also, your reply makes me wonder what the situation is currently like in America. Mexicans mostly, I believe… And another thing float: if you feel so strongly about certain things why don’t you write about them?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I write about them. However, I did impose a “do not cross” line for myself when it comes to politics (that involves gun and immigration). I think there are a few factors why I don’t usually post solely in those topics. If it indirectly relates, then I might. Maybe I just didn’t want to narrow my “niche”. Didn’t want to define myself so narrowly. Maybe it is because I am sick and tired of reading and hearing about it. (I take news breaks every now and then, because it’s just insane). Maybe I want to focus more on the things that aren’t on the front pages. Maybe because from my observations “in real life”, I know that these topics cannot be discussed, i.e. people are so set in their ways that they do not listen to your arguments. And the list goes on.

        Mexicans… that’s so funny. Yes, there are a lot of them. Yes, there are various problems associated with them (currently the DACA issue mainly). BUT, from my perspective, they are at the bottom of the “issues” list. I feel like not many focus on them as much, because of other, more burning problems.


      2. I don’t follow much the news because they’re bad for both mood and health, and also distort our view of the world. But I live the problems and can see what’s coming. I’m still guessing about America since I don’t live there.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Just to add a side note – I was recently talking to a person with a different ethnic/ cultural/ religious background and was explaining to them why I acted the way I did towards them, which was their utter disrespect for me and others around me. That person (unsuccessfully) tried to make me say I was racist, or other “phobe”. I was expected to be understanding of the fact that that person was a foreigner. I don’t know about you, but when I go to another country, or a place of worship of different religion, I try to blend in. To show respect. To adapt THEIR customs. Because I am in THEIR home. What you said in your post, and my own example highlights this as well, is that they come into our homes and want us to adapt to their standards. And no one seems to think there is anything wrong with that.


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