The Fine Girl at the MacDonald

I must write down a note about this because it has a special meaning to me, though not necessarily to anyone else. More precisely it is a lesson I want to remind myself of in the future.

I was sitting at a MacDonald in Munich (yes, still on my bike trip, and, no, I don’t eat there – simply go for their free wifi) when a local girl comes round, smiles, and politely asks if she can sit at the table next to me (compare this with the typical junk diner who would simply plant their ass on the seat wasting no time on such outdated ceremonies). This fact alone made her stand out from the pack in a matter of seconds.

On top of that, she doesn’t begin to fidget with a smartphone as you would expect the typical brainless girl to do, but rather pulls out a diary and some other papers, and starts working on it – in fact, she doesn’t even seem to have a smartphone, or simply she does the smart thing and just leaves alone. That makes her doubly stand out.

After a while she leaves, and, guess what? rather than scuttling indifferently aways after her next business, she stops for a moment to deliver a cheerful ‘tchus’ (bye in German) to me.

I’ll conveniently glisse over the fact that she ate a cheese burger – after all, I’ve too made my share of such stupid things in my younger years. The important lesson here is that I was quite impressed. Funny how people who try hard to impress never get anywhere, while something as simple as showing a little consideration and well-breeding can go such a long way.

In a day and time when no one cares a fig about manners anymore (and that includes me). I need to etch this simple episode in my memory because it contains a valuable lesson to ponder for some time to come.


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