A Word of Warning


By reading the content of this site you put yourself at risk of developing misanthropic tendencies, should you find that at some deep level that content resonates with you.

You are warned that the life of a misanthrope ain’t no fun. It ain’t no fun for two reasons: it’s a lonely life, in the first place, and moreover, it’s filled with anger, hate and contempt whenever that solitude is broken – as it must at times if one is to eat.

I myself never decided, or even imagined, that I should become a misanthrope: I simply slipped into the condition as I moved from the innocence of my youth towards the disillusion of a mature and rational adulthood.

Hate is no fun. No one likes it, and, believe it or not, I am no exception. Instead I’d gladly pursue love instead, which is the juice of life, and what gives it meaning and substance.

But, since I’ve grown, like I said, into a mature and rational adult, there can be no return to the age of innocence, and pretend I don’t see or understand what humans are really like: that would be an insult to my intelligence and to my integrity. So it seems I really have no choice on the matter.

Therefore you be warned: I may help open your eyes, but what you’ll see may not be pretty.


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